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- dwight

Thank you!

- Mary Sue Arthur

polite, quick response!

- Julia Fishel

Donna was great! Very friendly and information was well prepared and presented.

- Janice Lewis

Quick responses to all questions. Great service right off the bat!

- Christina Bailey

Answered all of my questions, showed me all of the ways we can grow using it and was very personable!

- Christian Ross

Thanks for the follow up, you guys rock

- james

You did great!! Thank you so much for going the extra mile and figuring it out for us!!!! That's why we love FUB so much because ya'll have the best customer service and are always so willing to help!!

- Julie Farmet

thank you!

- Greg Ward

I do not know how you fixed it, but it is fixed. Thank you!

- James Sanson

Got the answer I was hoping for.

- Lawrence Belland

you always wow me with awesome customer care!!

- judy weiniger

Thanks for being so supportive and so incredibly prompt to respond - customer service like that is so seldom found, even in this digital world! THANK YOU!

- Debe Maxwell

provided exactly what I was looking for. will move on this information tomorrow..

- Brady

Wowsers! Donna really knows her stuff. Thank you so much for the information and going slowly with this old head.

- Donovan P. Mitchell

Great customer service! We are excited to kick TP to the curb and use FUB.

- Sonya Nelson

Great speaking with a live person and getting some advice on things like intergrating market snapshot.

- James

Amazing response time.

- Chris Mager

Donna is an asset to your company and deserves a raise! She is awesome!

- Bernie Miller

Just great info! [& quick :o) ]

- Andrew Gibson

Very helpful with every request

- Nick Sullivan

Donna was always there and made working with FUB a great experience. We will miss her.

- Mark Eibner

You literally fixed all my problems in 5 minutes!! So impressed, very pleasant to deal with. Are you single?

- Lisa Levy

Fast response time and full explanation of problem gives assurance to users like Walker Property Spain... Optional update is good too. Clunky Microsoft way behind.

- Walker Property Spain

Donna is very knowledgeable about the Follow Up Boss system and the introductory session was thorough--and fun! This was a live screen-sharing webinar and at times the audio was ahead of what was happening on the screen so I couldn't always follow along and see exactly how she was navigating around the pages.

- Mike Andrews

Donna was always consistent in helping me. I had spoken to a loottttttttt of tech support but she is just superb among the rest. The way she composes her email makes you feel not stupid and very accommodating,

- Claren Adeva

Friendly, supportive, knowledgeable!

- Sue Macedo

Donnia is SO good! She's had to do a lot of hand holding with us, and has such a genuine interest in helping us make the transition to FUB! We appreciate her efforts and knowledge very much!

- Tina Lindsay